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 Do you have solutions to improve the quality of  peoples lives?

Share them to an international resonate audiance!

We are grateful to offer the world a free 3 day broadcast! 

Festival of Light designed to illuminate the consciousness of Humanity.

The production of the Festival of Light, in alliance with other organizations for the Creation of a New Humanity, invites you to participate in the largest bilingual event that has been held online so far. It will be a 3-day event, (April 2nd, 3rd and 4th), with 7 stages, more than 100 international luminaries, excellent musicians, inspirational films, sacred ceremonies with great masters from around the world, professionals and renowned speakers offering innovative tools for wellness, personal growth, and activation of human potential.


A unique opportunity to share your products, services or teachings.

The Festival of Light is offering you these marketing opportunities

The Festival, being a bilingual and online event, with the possibility of reaching more than 1 million potential clients who want to find alternative therapies, products and information that helps them improve their quality of life.


The Festival of Light is the most anticipated marketing medium for all those who wish to take their products and services to the next level of recognition.

Online Magazine

The Online Magazine contains the entire program of the Festival of Light, in English and Spanish.

Logo on Website

Position your business on the Festival of Light page, where everyone will go to register for free.

Logo on Stream Page

Put up your Banner during the live broadcast. We expect hundreds of thousands of people.

Promotional Video

Make your product, service or teachings known with a 10-minute promotional video.


Expand your audience and followers, offer a workshop during the Festival to make yourself known.

Virtual Booth

Exhibit at the Festival with a virtual stand that you can design to your liking, sell and contact customers

At Festival of Light we know the importance of promoting to a conscious market. This is the space you have been looking for, where the community interested in your offerings meets.

Promotional Packages

Check out our Promotional Packages a convenient marketing alternative for your message to reach a large bilingual audience with the intention of transforming their lives.

  • COMBO 1

    Includes a 1/2 page AD in the Festival Magazine, the presence of your banner on the website and during the event..



  • COMBO 2

    Includes a full page AD in the Magazine, a 300 word article, a booth, and a 10 minute promotional video.



  • COMBO 3

    Includes a 45-minute workshop that will be broadcast on the Festival stages, a 1/2 page ad in the Magazine + a Virtual Booth.




The Online Magazine contains the entire Festival program, with articles, notices, art, and information of interest. It is interactive and can incorporate links to your website and to your social networks.

  • The Online Magazine will be widely promoted through our contact lists and social networks, and that of our partners and allies.

  • It will be bilingual, with the option to view it in English or Spanish. If you wish, your ad can be in both languages, and reach a large international audience

  • It will be a professional edition magazine, with the intention that clients can share it, download it on their computers and save it



Inaugural Price


All AD's include clickable URL's

4.25 x 5.50 inches

PDF or JPG format.



Inaugural Price


All AD's are in


8.50 x 5.50 inches

PDF or JPG format.



Inaugural Price


Includes a 300 word article

8.50 x 11 inches

PDF or JPG format.


The Festival of Light website will be widely promoted through all of our marketing platforms.

  • The only way to register for the free 3-day event is from the website. Your business logo, linked to your website, can be exposed to hundreds of thousands of potential clients.

  • Your logo may remain on the page from the moment of purchase and during all the months that the post-festival impact lasts.

  • The size of the logo must be 300 x 200 pixels horizontal or vertical vector or jpg format.




Your business logo will be visible on the main page during the 3 days of transmission of the Festival.

  • Hundreds and thousands of people, from an international market, will be able to see the presence of your business through your logo

  • The size of the logo image must be 300 x 200 pixels horizontal or vertical vector or jpg format.




Your 10-minute promotional video will be broadcast on different stages of the Festival, and will be included in the program.

  • In horizontal format and of good quality, you can promote your product, service or teaching, and offer your contacts and social networks

  • Videos pack a punch, and capacity is limited. Do not be left out of this great opportunity.




Exhibit at the Festival! Be part of our group of virtual exhibitors. Make sales and contact the public.

  • Brand, customize and edit your Virtual Booth from where you can can chat with customers, and even live stream or place a video.

  • Your business will be on the exhibitors list, and Festival participants will be encouraged to visit and shop at the different exhibition booths.

  • You can interact live with customers, download videos and make sales from your page.




The Workshops are 45 minutes long, and will be widely promoted as one of the Festival workshops. An impactful way to promote your work.

  • By creating an excellent quality video you can create a memorable workshop by taking your teachings to a bilingual audience

  • The price includes a ½ page ad in the magazine, and a virtual exhibition stand.

  • Workshops have a powerful impact, and capacity is limited. Do not be left out of this great opportunity.




Promoting the unification of sentient beings for the transformation of the planet towards love and peace.

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