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Bilingual in English and Spanish

Abuela Evelia

Medicine Woman

As a Medicine Woman, she has experience directing ceremonies and giving bioprogramming workshops since 2000. Currently she is dedicated to the training of women and men in medicine with the online Shamanic Bioprogramming diploma.


Grandmother Evelia was trained as a primary school teacher, she became director of the Central State Library and a library science teacher. A childhood full of challenges and endless tragic situations, led her to travel a long path of self-knowledge and personal development, from the red path of the Lakota tradition, with the Wirraric and Toltec, the science of the soul, among others. In time she was named "Authorized Leader of Ancestral Ceremonies" by the Native American Church of Itzachilatlan INAI and currently guards a Sacred Chanupa. She adds to her training studies of hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming, the Silva method, Cybernetic Transposition, Bioprogramming and other related topics.

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Abuela Evelia here:

Abuela Nah Kin

Spiritual Leader of the Maya Solar Tradition

Abuela Nah Kin (Mother of the Sun) is the spiritual leader of the Maya Solar Tradition of the Priestly Lineage of the Ahaukines in the sacred lands of the Mayab. Doctor in psychology, international lecturer, writer, woman shaman: the Venerable Grandmother expands the Sacred Mayan Knowledge throughout the world through conferences, workshops and seminars. She has been depositing the seed of wisdom in hundreds and hundreds of people in different countries of the world.

"I go to any place where a circle of beings is formed willing to receive this wisdom, without distinction, with the clear purpose of serving the Spiritual Hierarchies wherever they place me" Venerable Grandmother NAH KIN.

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Abuela Nah Kin here:

Adam Apollo

Light: Spacetime's Physical Geometry

Luminary Stage

What is Light?  What is the relationship between the physics of light and consciousness itself?  Does light have a form, structure, or geometry?  How does this relate to quantum mechanics, and the relativity of spacetime itself?  Join Adam Apollo in a deep dive into the nature of Light, and reality.

A Unified Harmonic Matrix

Post Festival Stage


What is Consciousness? Journey to the heart of spacetime itself, and discover the quantum geometry of the fundamental lattice of energy which composes all things. From first principles, Adam Apollo will share leading edge developments in Unified Physics, and their application in understanding the mechanisms of consciousness and the spiritual faculties of being. Explore the microcosm, metacosm, biocosm, and macrocosm, and discover the fractal holographic synergy between all layers of the Universe.

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Adam Apollo here:

Ahmed El Feqy

Spiritual Guide, Alchemist Healer and Wisdom Keeper

Live opening ceremony at Egyptian Temple.  Divinity Activation and Inter-dimensional Healing Transmission with Andromedan Temple Templates and Divine Flames to activate Christ Consciousness, Diamond Light Body and 12 strand crystalline DNA awakening the Angelic Human blueprint.

Egyptian Mystic devoted to serving humanity’s evolution embodying the full divine potential of who we are. Leading sacred journeys for over a decade to temples across the planet uncovering timeless wisdom from direct experience, Mysteries tradition & Elders of the land. Facilitating grid work & healing ceremonies at sacred sites during major celestial alignments to anchor higher dimensional energies & the reality of Heaven on Earth. CEO of Stargate Tours. Inter dimensional Healer at Skywalker Healings. Teacher / Facilitator at Masters of the Void Organization.

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Ahmed El Feqy here:

Alberto Lopez

Receive the Signs of the Soul 

Alberto López, born in 1971. Trained in different healing tools such as Reiki or Thetahealing. He is a channel, reader of Akashic Records and lecturer, I give workshops and do individual consultations. I have published two books. I have participated in the International Esoteric Exhibition of Donosti and in the Natural Therapies Exhibition of Zaragoza. I have collaborated with several specialized media and blogs and published several conferences in Mindalia Plus.


I belong to the Mindalia Televisión space. We can all receive the signals that the soul sends us, thus helping us to live a coherent, full, harmonious and balanced life. How can we favor receiving these signals by integrating them in a better way in our life? How to listen to them more clearly, trusting our intuition? In this meeting we will equip ourselves with the tools to listen and follow the signals of our soul on its evolutionary path.

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Alberto Lopez here:

Alberto Villoldo

Earth Keepers

Main Stage

Medical anthropologist Alberto Villoldo, PhD, has studied the shamanic healing practices of the Amazon and Andes for over 25 years. He is the founder of the Four Winds Society, an organization dedicated to the bridging of ancient shamanic traditions with modern medicine and psychology. The Four Winds Society Light Body School is internationally recognized as the Gold Standard in shamanic education, preparing wise and ethical energy medicine practitioners. Villoldo is author of numerous books, including Power Up Your Brain; Shaman, Healer, Sage; The Four Insights; Courageous Dreaming; One Spirit Medicine; A Shaman’s Miraculous Tools for Healing; Soul Journeying; and The Illumination Process.


The Sacred Medicine of Shamans

WellBeing Stage


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Alberto Villoldo here:

Alejandra Sassano

Year 2021: Great Planetary Change

Year 2021, the year of the Great Planetary Change, a New Era opened for each of us generating great transformations both at the collective level and at the individual level. We will go through the most important astrological events that mark this change, seeking to align our lives through the understanding of what this new year brings. A Great Opportunity is in your hands, you will discover how to take advantage of this moment, raising your Consciousness in favor of the planet and your evolution.

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Alejandra Sassano here:

Astrologer, Specialist in Karmic Psycho-Astrology, Tarotist, Master of Akashic Records. Founder of a unique and innovative method called Neuropsychomagia through her Alejandra she accompanies human beings in their evolutionary process towards their self-discovery, focusing them towards their life mission, from the connection with their divinity.

Alfredo Alcázar

How I Learned to Heal Myself

A través de mi método Sanar, Sanar te enseñaré la manera de lograr tu verdadera sanación interior y así poder seguir creciendo en la dimensión que ahora mismo necesitas. Reconocerás a tu verdadero amor propio que será la fuente de inspiración y trabajo desde la que tu mundo personal prospere, beneficiando a todas las personas que te rodean y al mundo en su totalidad. Sanar, Sanar será tu método interior.

Alfredo Alcázar is the co-founder of, the community of the New Consciousness that produces thousands of videos on spirituality and knowledge, spreading free around the world. From a very young age, he already manifested spiritual talents and, currently, he dedicates all his energy to the elevation of consciousness on our planet, through global media, fostering a critical mass of more lucid and healthier people in all senses.

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Alfredo Alcázar here:

Alicia Lareu

Healing Childhood Wounds

We all have emotional wounds from childhood that have marked our lives, those experiences that our wounded child carries and that sometimes manifests itself in adulthood with wounds of fear, fears, insecurities, abuse, injustice, betrayal and doubts, all these Wounds can affect our health, our well-being, and our ability to develop as people. Learn to let go and free yourself from the hurts of the past so that you can begin to live a life to the full and a bright future.

Alicia Lareu is a Psychologist specialized in Positive Psychology, she is a speaker, Holistic Therapist, creator and Producer of the Congress for the Awakening of Consciousness and the Houston Texas women's circle. She is the author of the books VIVE POSITIVO, WISDOM OF A WOMAN AND CONNECTING MY SOUL TO YOUR SOUL.

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Alicia Lareu here:

Alison Canavan

Heart Centered Coach and Meditation Teacher

Alison Canavan is an engaging, intuitive and transformational DreamBuilder coach. She helps people manifest their dreams into reality and live their best life. Her heart led business and 360 approach to wellbeing is innovative, inclusive and accessible to all. As a meditation teacher she understands the power of a mindful approach to living and this led her to create a “Wellbeing in the Skies” series for Ireland’s national airline Aer Lingus. This series looks at gratitude, meditation, anxiety, fear of flying, jetlag, a kids wellness corner and much more.

Alison Canavan is an international motivational speaker, meditation teacher, author and an integrative health coach.  She is a UCLA-trained Mindfulness Facilitator from The Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behaviour and also trained at The HeartMath Institute and Brave Thinking Institute.  She runs an integrative coaching clinic and supplement company called Liver Medic with her brother where they specialize in Full 360 holistic healthcare.  She is an award winning author of Minding Mum – It’s Time to Take Care of You, the world’s first 360 self-care book for mums focusing on Mums health and wellbeing post birth.

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Alison Canavan here:

Andrew Harvey

Journey to Light

Andrew Harvey is Founder and Director of The Institute for Sacred Activism, an international organization focused on inviting concerned people to take up the challenge of our contemporary global crises by becoming inspired, effective, and practical agents of institutional and systemic change, in order to create peace and sustainability.


Sacred Activism is a transforming force of compassion-in-action that is born of a fusion of deep spiritual knowledge, courage, love, and passion, with wise radical action in the world. The large-scale practice of Sacred Activism can become an essential force for preserving and healing the planet and its inhabitants.


He has written and edited over 30 books. Other honors he has received include the Benjamin Franklin Award and the Mind Body Spirit Award (both for Mary’s Vineyard: Daily Readings, Meditations, and Revelations).


Among Harvey’s other well-known titles are: Dialogues with a Modern Mystic, Hidden Journey, The Essential Mystics, Son of Man, The Return of the Mother and The Direct Path.

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Andrew Harvey here:

Ángeles Lasso

The Great Paradigm Shift

It is a story about the great changes that intern us as humanity in a new reality, a huge paradigm shift that corresponds to what is expected because we are entering a new era that corresponds to a change of element that in this case is the air, which leads us to become virtual beings with a high use of technology in addition to experiencing a transformation in moral principles that leave far behind the limitations that the old system used to impose that is completely collapsing at the same time that we leave everything behind. whatever is polluting and destructive to nature that will take on a priority importance in the new consciousness of humanity that is born with new principles and needs that will shape the world of the near future

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Ángeles Lasso here:

Psychoastrologist and writer with a long career in television and radio with twenty books on Chinese Astrology and other related topics, published in Chile and Uruguay, she currently conducts talks, workshops and seminars in addition to maintaining an active participation in the media.

Anodea Judith

The Passage from Power to Love

Main Stage

To get through uncertain times, we need a map to guide us.  The chakra system is just such a map, not only for personal growth, but for the collective evolution that is taking humanity through its rite of passage from the love of power to the power of love.

Chakras Awakening to Our True Nature

WellBeing Stage

The chakras provide a map for both liberation and manifestation, addressing the full spectrum of our lives from the mundane to the divine.

Anodea Judith, Ph.D. is a globally recognized teacher, with a master’s in psychology and a doctorate in human health. She is author of 9 books on the chakras, psychology, energy, yoga, and social change, including the best-sellers WHEELS OF LIFE and EASTERN BODY-WESTERN MIND.

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Anodea Judith here:

Ariadna Tapia

Metatron and the Dimensional Shift

Archangel Metatron is currently doing spiritual work to help humans raise their vibration. Through this interesting conference I invite you to discover the way in which the energy of this powerful archangel benefits us. Metatron's cube carries within itself a very powerful energy for manifestation. The five platonic solids, the vibration of the 72 sacred names of God, among other elements that help us raise our frequency to the DNA level. Find out in this interesting talk.

Ariadna Tapia, Angelologist, Life Coach, writer, lecturer, therapist. Outstanding Angelologist internationally recognized. Two books published: The seven Archangelic Keys to be Happy and Challenge 21, think positive just for today. Participant in the documentaries "the invocation" and "femme", receives the golden microphone in Las Vegas in 2017, reflects his traces in Plaza Galerías de las Estrellas in Mexico. Invited to radio and television programs in Mexico and the USA.

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Ariadna Tapia here:

Bernadette Pleasant

Gently Navigating Storms of Grief

In these turbulent times, many of us are confronting sadness and grief in ways we never have. Join Bernadette Pleasant as she teaches us how to be gentler with ourselves, to cradle our hearts and to accept and fully express these equally important emotions.

Intoxicating and energetic, Bernadette Pleasant is a fiery public speaker, somatic healer, sacred grief facilitator, and creator of well-loved mind-body wellness programs, including Femme!, the Emotional Institute, Emotion in Motion, and Sacred Silence. The Emotional Institute offers courses, classes, and how-to videos that broaden the understanding and expression of our full range of emotions. In the 90-minute Femme! experience, Bernadette creates a safe space for people of all ages, genders, and body types to explore their emotional selves. Everyone is empowered to fully embrace and embody all of their emotions — and express them through sound and movement. Joy, sorrow, rage, confidence, desire, and more are all welcomed at Femme!

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Bernadette Pleasant here:

Billy Carson

Separation is an Illusion

Billy Carson will describe the electromagnetic grid that connects every atom in the universe. This lecture will use real quantum physics to prove that we are literally all one.

Billy Carson, the founder of 4biddenknowledge Inc. Billy Carson is the Best Selling Author of 'The Compendium Of The Emerald Tablets' and is an expert host on Deep Space, a new original streaming series by Gaia. This series explores the Secret Space Program, revealing extraordinary technologies and their potential origins. Billy Carson also serves as an expert host on Gaia’s original series, Ancient Civilizations, in which a team of renowned scholars deciphers the riddles of our origins and pieces together our forgotten history documented in monuments and texts around the world.

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Billy Carson here:

Carlos Caridad

Healing From the Inside-Out

This presentation will give you a very clear idea of where are the root causes that affect your Spiritual, Mental / Energetic, and Physical well-being, and how to heal yourself.  You will learn the subtle and material composition of the Human Body, and how to avoid Energy Blockages that prevent you from performing at your maximum capacity.

Carlos Caridad has developed and uses a simple and effective healing system of Consciousness and Divine Energy: finding the Energy Blockages that prevent us from being healthy, and removing them. His presentations and programs empower individuals to function near 100% of their Spiritual, Mental / Energetic and Physical capacities.

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Carlos Caridad here:

Carolina Campos

Archangel Michael, the Guardian of Your Energy

In this conference you will learn to connect with Saint Michael the Archangel in a special way. You will receive its light and strength. Through a powerful decree you will learn to release your energy and expand your light. I wait for you with love, Carolina Campos, president of the Argentine Association of Angelology.

Carolina Campos was born in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires in 1981.  She chairs the Argentine Association of Angelology.  She is an Angelologist, a Reiki teacher, a reader of angelic letters and a coffee bean. Family Constellator.  It is also internationally certified in the Master Angel Certification (ACP, Advanced ACP and Angelic Mediumship).  She participated in a documentary on TELEFE where she explained Angelic Mediumship. She published 10 books that are available in the most important bookstores in Argentina.

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Carolina Campos here:

Caroline Cory

Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible

Caroline Cory is an award-winning filmmaker and the visionary author of best-selling books on Consciousness and Energy Medicine, topping the charts of Consciousness Science and mystical literature.  As a child and throughout her life, Cory has had numerous E.S.P (extra-sensory) and pre-cognition experiences, which led her to become deeply connected to existential topics, the study of Consciousness and the mechanics of the universe.  After teaching Energy Medicine and consciousness work for over a decade, Cory founded Omnium Media, an entertainment and media platform that tackles various thought-provoking topics on the human condition and the nature of reality.  In addition to writing and producing, Cory continues to lecture and coach internationally on various mind over matter subjects and appears regularly as a guest expert on supernatural phenomena at major conferences and television shows including The UnXplained with William Shatner and History Channel's popular series the Ancient Aliens. Her latest films are AMONG US and SUPERHUMAN: THE INVISIBLE MADE VISIBLE


LINKS Film “Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible” on Amazon Prime Consciousness / Energy Medicine work


Books / Products

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Caroline Cory here:

Caroline Myss

Light is the Nature of the Divine

Caroline Myss is a five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition.  Caroline developed the field of Energy Anatomy, a science that correlates specific emotional/psychological/physical/spiritual stress patterns with diseases.  Her research proved so accurate that it became the subject matter of a book co-written by Caroline and Norm: THE CREATION OF HEALTH.  In 1996, Caroline released ANATOMY OF THE SPIRIT, a New York Times bestseller that has been published in 28 languages and has sold over 1.5 million copies.  Through the investigation of the underlying reasons why people sabotage their healing processes, Caroline identified a syndrome she calls “woundology,” characterized by a person’s reliance on the power of illness for manipulation of his or her world, as opposed to attaining an independent, empowered state of health.  As with her other seminal research, this syndrome is now a recognized psychological condition. Her third book, WHY PEOPLE DON’T HEAL AND HOW THEY CAN, became another New York Times bestseller.  Caroline followed with two more New York Times bestsellers, INVISIBLE ACTS OF POWER in 2004 and ENTERING THE CASTLE in 2007.  Caroline’s latest book, DEFY GRAVITY, was released in October 2009, a book exploring the mystical phenomenon of healing that transcends reason.

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Caroline Myss here:

Celestine Star

Alchemical Healing - Sacred Frequency Tones

Dr. Celestine Star, D.D. has been called a "Woman of Divine Grace” for our evolutionary times, possessing great wisdom and expertise in many fields of endeavor. Dr. Star utilizes over 40 years of a therapeutic medical healing practice, metaphysical-scientific wisdom, along with her empathic abilities for the betterment of humanity.

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Celestine Star here:

Chloe Goodchild

Singing Philosopher, Author and Vocalist

Chloë is the founder of The Naked Voice, a pioneering experiential vocal training programme, providing a sound awareness toolkit of conscious core practices, music, audio-books and spoken meditations that empower you to find and to embody your authentic voice. The Naked Voice Charitable Foundation was established in 2004, to disseminate a deeper awareness of the essential role conscious communication plays in strengthening ethical awareness, social health and well-being in all realms of human life. Chloë’s seminal book, The Naked Voice – Transform Your Life through the Power of Sound  (North Atlantic Books) was published in 2015.Description

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Chloe Goodchild here:

Christian Fleche

Biological Decoding

Christian Flèche is a psychotherapist and a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the leader in the field of the biological decoding of the psycho-cerebro-physical effects of diseases that manifest in the body. He also is a practitioner of metaphor and symbolic modeling and uses Ericksonian hypnosis, psychogenealogy, and memorized biological cycles in his work. His workshops and seminars have influenced therapists throughout his homeland of France.

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Christian Fleche here:

Christopher Macklin

Clearing Your Immune System of Negative Energies

Dr. Christopher Macklin is a medical intuitive and healer, author and global spiritual messenger.  As an extraordinary sage, he delves into spirituality, health and wellness, Starseed ET races, angel connections and manufactured illnesses.  His Divine Healing technique utilizes God’s Angelic Light Beings to create a clearing of negative energies for ultimate health.

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Christopher Macklin here:

Claudia Gonzalez De Vicenzo

Star Seeds

A new human is developing, resulting in a new Humanity. We are the ones we are waiting for. This is the time for which we have come. The time for action has come. We are ready to become what we are in Essence.

Communicator. Designer and trainer of Quantum Connection. Multidimensional Journey of the Being that We Are.

You can find Claudia Gonzalez De Vicenzo here:

Claudio Maria Dominguez

The Two Missions You Have in Life

We have two missions in this life, the worldly and the divine, most of the people leave this plane without having discovered or lived either of the two, a few develop their worldly mission, but an absolute minority manage to perceive the divine mission. In this talk we guide you to develop them and raise your vibration.

Claudio Maria Dominguez, is a practical spiritual coach, author of more than 20 books, and host of his television and radio programs followed by millions weekly and on his social networks.

You can find Claudio Maria Dominguez here:

Crystal Pomery

Light Beings Among Us

Many people are seeking to fuel their light and connect with infinite good. Often though, they don't have the results they seek. In a world parallel to our own, light beings actively seek to help us move through those blocks and precipitate new levels of mastery. In this Festival of Light, I will share keys to connect with them and ignite your radiance fully.


A healer, astrologer and professional unblocker, Crystal founded Angelic Intelligence, a method that lifts your vibration and increases the results of your inner work: visualization, meditation, prayer and related practices. Her groundbreaking book, Angels and Goddesses, Manifest your Desires with Angelic Intelligence, will be published by Llewellyn this year.

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Crystal Pomery here:

Daniel Gambartte

The Panacea of Healing

Daniel Gambartte is currently the Director of the Argentine Institute for Biological Decoding: He is the Author and original creator of the "Live Decoding" events (unique in the world). Daniel is Professor and international instructor of the training seminars on Biological Decoding of Symptoms and / or Ailments, popularizer of science and precursor of Bio Genealogy and Biological Decoding in America.


He specialized in Psychobiology, Bio-Genealogy and Biological Decoding of diseases in the city of Paris, France. He studied several disciplines such as Eriksonian Hypnosis, Chinese Medicine, Interpretation of letters, Symbolisms of body language and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) He also trained in Active Listening Erratum of the Unconscious, being his specialty and main method that he also incorporated into the methodology biological decoding staff.

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Daniel Gambartte here:


Multi-Instrumentalist and Neo Shaman 

Darpan will share an Opening Blessing and Inspirational Talk.



Darpan is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and neo-shaman.  He travels extensively around the world delivering concerts, sound healing seminars and shamanic retreats.

You can find Darpan here:

DaVida Sal

Recognize and Reconnect Your "Twin Flame"

The "Twin Flames" are not found: they are recognized. DaVida, through her personal story, will help, guide and inspire you to recognize your Flame, your "Twin Mirror", the person who knows you best and knows more about you in the entire Universe.

DaVida Sal was born in Tarragona, Spain in 1980.  At the age of 25 she became a US citizen.  She is a multi-faceted artist, filmmaker, author of two books, activist for human, animal and environmental rights.  DaVida is a priestess of Isis, officially appointed by her mentor, The "Arch High Priestess" Lady Loren Vigne in 2013.  For DaVida this is the most important appointment of her life, along with the making of a new discovery that would transform her understanding of the mysteries of our existence; recognize and explore your relationship with your "Twin Flame".  That day was the necessary confirmation to focus your destiny to help raise the Frequency of the Planet through Unconditional Love.

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DaVida Sal here:

Deborah King

A Rebirth of Divine Feminine Passion

Main Stage

How to come out of hibernation and into a springtime of renewal on every level of your being. Call in the Goddess of Spring and find the light within the higher heart chakra in a meditation, when you are visited by Divine Feminine.

How To Have a Glad Heart 

WellBeing Stage

Are you completely happy these days, regardless of what’s happening in the world outside? Discover the 5 steps to the kind of happiness that radiates the light of the Divine Feminine and aligns with your purpose in life.

Let There Be Light!

Post Festival Workshop

How to come out of hibernation and into a springtime of renewal on every level of your being. Call in the Goddess of Spring and find the light within the higher heart chakra in a meditation, when you are visited by Divine Feminine.

Deborah King is a popular speaker, NYT bestselling author, and authority on energy medicine. Her early story of recovery from cancer, and alcohol and drug addiction led her to leave the corporate arena and master energy healing systems from around the world. Her NYT bestselling and her groundbreaking LifeForce EnergyHealing® programs guide the reader through personal transformations, so they too can lead. W magazine calls Deborah and her work “electrifying.”

You can find Debra King here:

Desiree & JJ Hurtak

From Egypt to Mexico, Understanding the World Grid

There is a profound meta-significance to the world grid structure on our planet created by past civilizations that had insights into how to build massive structures and place them at key points on the globe, aligned to significant stars like Orion, the Pleiades and Sirius, to name a few.  We will look at the Great Pyramid, Temples in India and Mexico as well as South America, to see the wisdom of the world pyramid grid structure that was also detailed in The Keys of Enoch®, that states we are part of a vast astronomical axiatonal system of cosmic energy.

You can find Desiree & JJ Hurtak here:

Prof. J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D. Ph.D. and Dr. Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D. are social scientists, archaeologists, and founders of The Academy for Future Science.  Drs. Hurtak have researched ancient sites around the world and were principal members of the Schor Expedition that discovered the “Tomb of Osiris” in 1997 on the Giza Plateau.  They have also worked in the pyramids of Mexico carrying out acoustical testing.  Dr. J.J. Hurtak is author of the best-seller, The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®, ( translated into twenty-five languages.

Emilio Carrillo

Of the Four Consciential "Overcoming"

Four "overcoming" of old priorities and vital and conscientious inertias to promote our spiritual evolution.

Writer (66 books) and lecturer (850 conferences in 23 countries on five continents) focused on the expansion of personal and collective consciousness.  Economist and International Expert in Local Development for the United Nations, he has carried out extensive academic and management work in Economic and Territorial Development and Public Finance, being a professor at various Spanish and foreign universities, vice mayor of Seville and president of the Ibero-American Union Network Municipalists and the Local Development Program of the International Labor Organization (ILO). He always combined these activities with other thematic areas. Since 2000, his attention focused primarily on Philosophy, History, and, above all, Consciousness and Spirituality.


He teaches Spirituality classes in master's degrees and university expert courses and manages the blog "Heaven on Earth", which has eight million direct visits:

You can find Emilio Carrillo here:

Estela Salinas

Happiness and Fullness, A Close Utopia

The plenitude, a state of mind of the human being that is reached at the moment in which we discover our space and reason for being within this perfect universe.

Basic steps to discover our reason for existing and our passion in life.

Self-knowledge, the most powerful thing there is. Happiness an information-based decision.

Clinical Psychologist with a master's degree in Neuro Linguistic Programming. Estela is an international lecturer in 4 of the 5 continents. Leader and trainer of groups that number thousands of people. More than 30 years dedicated to personal development.
Specialist in strengths and weaknesses of different personalities.
Creator of IUVARE, a comprehensive training system for entrepreneurs in the network marketing industry. Author of the book "What color are you?"

You can find Estela Salinas here:

Ewa Jastrzebska

You Also Have Abilities and Gifts

They taught us all our lives that extrasensory abilities and gifts are of privileged and extraordinary people, or worse, that it is something granted by some miracle or some supernatural episode.
They taught us to think wrongly, that we are beings limited in perceptions. We listen carefully to the advances in science, the advances in astronomy, we understand that the human being is extraordinary and that each time he is closer to the stars, but we do not really end up recognizing that we are capable of doing from our human nature, what is our inner potential hidden. We search outside without knowing what is inside ourselves.

You can find

Ewa Jastrzebska here:

Ewa Jastrzebska is Coach and Mentor in Personal and Spiritual Development Processes. She maintains Aural vision from birth, she is the founder of Intg City Academy, where she teaches students to activate their extrasensory abilities, aural vision, lucid dreaming, astral travel and much more. She belongs to organizations and associations of parapsychology, aural vision, mentalism, mediumship, all of them with the objectives of research and development of techniques aimed at healings, capacity development, personal self-control, etc. She is a lecturer and writer on topics of spirituality, aural vision, and extraordinary human potential. She believes and demonstrates every day that extrasensory qualities are dormant in each one of us and it is within our reach to activate these abilities.

Fresia Castro

Cyclopea Method of Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland

The delivery of great keys. Of immutable laws that have always been available, but often veiled by the prevailing systems. Memories that, when activated in us, will allow us to make the great quantum leap of recovery, towards our real identity.
We are in the great change! … We will see how the apparent Chaos becomes a great opportunity, perhaps a Unique Opportunity, for all Humanity.

FRESIA CASTRO'S WORK CAN SUMMARIZED IN ONE WORD: "CREATION". She is a creator of universes, in her more than 30 years of experience, Fresia has been a visionary, developing a methodology with more than twenty workshops based on deep knowledge of the Self, self-mastery and applied creativity. This simple, warm and determined woman has been a strong promoter of the recovery of ancestral American wisdom, tenaciously guarding the keys that make us the architects of our lives with the ability to manifest what we have dreamed of. The application of this methodology has impacted in different areas, such as health, psychology, art, education, as well as government agencies, private companies and institutions dedicated to the recovery of talents and powers of children, youth and adults.

The international magazine "RRHH Management", considers her among the 10 "Gurus" American, within the business world.

She has also been considered by the International Magazine "Executive Woman" in Mexico, as "Revolutionary of Conscience".

Writer, with several Latin American best-sellers, Master of Arts at the École des beaux-arts de Paris and creator of the method of Internal Activation of the Pineal Gland.

You can find Fresia Castro here:

Grisy Nava

Celestial Assistance

I am an angelic guide and spiritual trainer, my perceptual sensitivity has been awakening more and more as I advance in my Life Mission and that I put at the service of people who want to get closer both to their Angels (spiritual guides) and to priorities and balance in your life.  I channel information and can contact deceased beings through the guidance of my light beings.  I am in constant transformation, because by following a path guided by beings of greater consciousness, the result is a better version of me every day.  And that is what I wish for you.

You can find Grisy Nava here:

Joanne Shenandoah

Grammy Winner and Peace Ambassador

Joanne Shenandoah, PhD, (Oneida-Iroquois) is Native America’s most celebrated musicians and lecturer.  She carries beauty in her soul and voice but also through her interactions with diverse communities around the world. She provides strength and passion for the people that is found in the likes of iconic philosophers and wisdom-keepers.  Holding a Grammy and 45 plus music awards, plus an Emmy nomination, she is an Ambassador of peace, human and earth rights, capturing the hearts of audiences all over the world.  Her philanthropic efforts have included works with organizations for earth and human rights specifically women and children.  In addition, she is a founding member of the Hiawatha Institute for Traditional Knowledge a non-profit educational organization who’s aim is to provide all with ancient knowledge of her ancestors.

You can find Joanne Shenandoah here:

John Perkins

Touching the Jaguar

Johns books have sold more than two million copies, spent many months on the New York Times and other bestseller lists, and are published in over 35 languages Touching the Jaguar (2020) tells the story of John’s journey from Amazonian shaman to economic hit man and then social/environmental activist.  The 2004 classic, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (73 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, over 35 languages), along with The Secret History of the American Empire (New York Times bestseller) and Hoodwinked, were groundbreaking exposés of the clandestine operations that created the current global crises. The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (2016), a follow-up to the classic New York Times bestseller.

He is a founder and board member of Dream Change and The Pachamama Alliance, nonprofit organizations devoted to establishing a world that future generations will want to inherit. He was awarded the Lennon Ono Grant for Peace, and Rainforest Action Network Challenging Business As Usual Award.


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Jorge Luis Delgado

The Impact of the New Light

Jorge Luis, born in the Andes of Peru and a descendant of native cultures: Quechua and Aymara, is a lover of ancestral wisdom.  When he was eleven years old, he became a Chakaruna, a Bridge Being, who helps and shows all pilgrims and travelers to find their way.  Later, as a tour guide and due to his love and passion for ancestral wisdom, he decides to share this Solar heritage in different parts of the world, such as in the United States, at the Omega Holistic Institute in New York City and in New York Open Center.  He participated in History Channel television shows, and in more than ten episodes of The Ancient Aliens program.


He is also the author of the books: Andean Awakening and Inca Wisdom: the return to happiness.  He presents to the world the Gate of Willka Uta, better known as the inter-dimensional gate of Lord Aramu Muru.


He is the organizer of great world events, activator of portals for the expansion of consciousness and has been sowing and spreading throughout the world, the essence of the Light in love, service and wisdom.

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José Luis Parise

The 4 Fundamental Laws of Light

"Harmonize With The Light" ceases to be a metaphor for a new age utopia, when Its Laws are Considered, Respected and Applied in The Creation of Their Own Reality.
Although such Laws Of Light are in total 11, Their Fundamental Coordinates are 4, and Their Application is the Direct Guide to Their Totality.
And those of us who have decided to incarnate in The Era marked by the Light, we have the Right and the Obligation to Take Advantage of such Privilege... Unpublished in the History of Humanity!

José Luis Parise was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a Psychoanalyst, Researcher, International Lecturer and Writer.  He made hundreds of Research Trips to Sites where Vestiges of the Original Occult Knowledge persist Thanks to His Journey and decades of study, He managed to Methodize the 11 Steps of Magic that these cultures bequeathed to us.   He is the first Argentine Researcher who managed to connect with the Q'eros Indians, the last Legitimate Exponents of the Inca Race. Together with them, he learned Exclusive Energy Techniques and was Initiated into Inca Royalty.  He has led the E.D.I.P.O. School for 4 decades of which he is Founder and in which thousands of participants from all over the World participate every week in Supervision Activities, Study, Teacher Training, Plenaries, among others.

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Kimberly and Foster Gamble

Producer, Directors and Writers of THRIVE

THRIVE ll will be screening on the Film Stage

Kimberly Carter Gamble, Producer, Director, Co-Writer Kimberly Carter Gamble Produced, Directed and Co-Wrote THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? and THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes.  Kimberly is Founder and CEO of Clear Compass Media, Thrive Movement International and ThriveOn.  All of her work is designed to help up-level people’s sense of what is possible so that they stop settling for less.  Toward that end, she focuses on breakthrough innovations and technologies that empower people and heal themselves and the planet in unprecedented ways.  She is a mother and grandmother and is grateful for the opportunity to have such a love-filled and on-purpose life.


Foster Gamble Researcher, Co-Writer, Visual Designer Foster Gamble is the Researcher, Co-Writer and Visual Designer of the documentary THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? and THRIVE II: This Is What It Takes. Previously, Foster was CEO of MindCenter Corporation and an instructor in the non-violent martial art of Aikido. He was the on-screen host for the PBS documentary Aikido - The Way of Harmony and created three consulting services — Interaction Dynamics (communication/conflict resolution), LifeBalance and Zonesport — which he has delivered throughout the country.

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Leslie Sloane

The Auracle Healing Cards 

Leslie Sloane and The Auracle Healing Cards - 112 beautiful Images and Mandalas that are Living Consciousness/Quantum Energy. They can be used for: Healings; Meditations; Readings; Laying on the Body or Under the Pillow; Gazing Sessions; Charging Food and Water; In Babies Rooms; On Pets; Creating a Sacred Healing Space.

You can find Leslie Sloane here:

Leslie Sloane is an Oracle, alchemist, healer, master of Colour Therapy, pioneer. She is an internationally recognized author and creator of the Auracle Healing Cards and Chakra Healing Cards. Leslie founded Auracle’s Colour Therapy in 2005 and has been doing energy/healing work with Colour, Sound, Light, and Sacred Geometries, since 1990.

Lynn Andrews

Transformation Through Light

Lynn Andrews is the New York Times and internationally best-selling author of the Medicine Woman Series, which chronicles her three decades of study and work with shaman healers on four continents. Her study of the way of the sacred feminine began with Agnes Whistling Elk and Ruby Plenty Chiefs, Native American healers in northern Canada.  Her quest for spiritual discovery continued with a Shaman Curendera of the Mayan Yucatan; an Aboriginal woman of high degree in the Australian Outback or Nepalese healer in the foothills of the Himalayas.  Today, she is recognized worldwide as a leader in the fields of spiritual healing and personal empowerment.  A shaman healer and mystic, Ms. Andrews is widely acknowledged as a major link between the ancient world of shamanism and modern societies thirst for profound personal healing and a deeper understanding of the pathway to enlightenment.

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Lynne McTaggart

Metaphysical Rockstar

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.  Over the year’s Lynne’s been called a ‘metaphysical rock star’, ‘the Madonna of the Quantum World,’ ‘the Malcolm Gladwell of the New Science’ and even ‘The Dalai Mama.’  She’s consistently voted one of the world’s top 100 spiritual leaders for her ground-breaking work with consciousness and the power of intention.  Lynne is known for the quality of her writing and in-depth research, her inspirational speaking style and her uncompromising role as New Thought leader and spiritual change agent.

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Lynne McTaggart here:

Maria del Rosario Urrutia Pérez

Rosario has been dedicated to Alternative Medicine for 30 years but with specialization in searching with Dowsing for the causes that generate what we call "disease".  I directed an Alternative Medicine clinic in Guatemala where 30 different therapies are managed that are always chosen through Dowsing, that is, with the energy of the patient.  She teaches courses and workshops in English and Spanish for other countries in person and through digital means.  She is convinced that all people should learn to feel energy and know how to interpret it because it is a vital survival tool.

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Master Zhi Gang Sha

Love, Peace and Harmony

Main Stage

Love Peace and Harmony is a song that Dr. and Master Sha received from Heaven. He will share the powerful wisdom and an animation with the song Love Peace and Harmony.Description

Tao Calligraphy Healing Field

WellBeing Stage

Love Peace and Harmony is a song that Dr. and Master Sha received from Heaven. He will share the powerful wisdom and an animation with the song Love Peace and Harmony.Description

Tao Source Healing Hands

Experience the Power 

Post Festival Workshop

I will share more indepth the power of the Tao Source Calligraphy Healing Field. I will explain:

  • What is Tao Source Healing Hands?
  • The power and significance of Tao Source Healing Hands
  • Will write a Tao Source Calligraphy of Tao Healings Hands and lead all participants to experience the power
  • Experience the power of Tao Hands special animation
  • Will offer a blessing through the Tao Source Calligraphy Healing Field

You can find

Master Zhi Gang Sha here:

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha is a world-renowned healer who is a doctor of modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.  He is a New York Times bestselling author of more than 10 books. He has created Soul Mind Body Medicine, Tao Calligraphy Healing Field and Tao Source Healing Hands system.  He is also the co-creator of Tao Science.  He has received numerous awards including the honor of Qi Gong Master of the Year in the 4th World Congress on Qi Gong and was named Top Spiritual Innovator of the Year 2020.

Matt Khan

Anchoring The Light

Join Matt Kahn to explore the importance of anchoring the light and the power it has to transform your life and support the ascension of humanity.

Matt Kahn is the author of the best-selling books Whatever Arises, Love That, Everything Is Here to Help You and The Universe Always Has A Plan.  He is a spiritual teacher, and highly attuned empathic healer who serves the awakening of all sentient beings through his heart-centered offerings.

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Maureen St. Germain

The Practical Mystic

Maureen has over 25 years of experience in the area of mystical and sacred traditions.  Known as the Practical Mystic, Maureen is a prolific teacher and facilitator of spiritual knowledge for contemporary life.  A lifelong interest in the Akashic Records resulted in her being granted access to this dimension that has been off limits to most of humanity for millions of years.  Founder of Akashic Records International, Maureen is an extremely accurate Akashic Records Guide and instructor.  Widely known for her best-seller, Beyond the Flower of Life, she has been sharing knowledge she has gained from her years of teaching meditation and research on ancient truths.  Maureen has taught in 24 countries throughout Europe, Canada, USA, Egypt, China and Japan.  Her books have been translated into Russian, Italian and Chinese.  In her latest book, Waking Up in 5D – A Practical Guide to Multidimensional Transformation, Maureen reveals how to develop a deeper Higher Self connection, and to consciously choose 5D, where love is the governing force.  Insightful, compassionate, entertaining and funny, her primary focus is developing tools to support individuals in their personal expansion and spiritual awakening. 

You can find Maureen St. Germain here:

Mingtong Gu

Wisdom Healing Qigong for Health and Happiness 

Qigong connects the mind with the body, and awakens us to the fullness and interconnectedness within and around us, especially in this digital age that leaves many people feeling overwhelmed, too busy, and mentally stressed.


In this workshop, Master Mingtong Gu will show you the path that united consciousness and energy - a union he calls "energy wisdom."  You will learn about the powerful ancient practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong, which combines mindful movement, sound healing, visualization, and meditation to reconnect mind, body and heart with an abundant flow of natural life energy.

Master Mingtong Gu Founder, The Chi Center Master Gu shares his joyous teachings and extensive master skills to train your ability to expand wisdom and energy.  Born and raised in China, Master Gu received extensive Qigong training under Grandmaster Pang at the largest Qigong medicine-less hospital in China.  He has mastered the unique ability to lead the collective energy field to accelerate personal and global healing. Named The Qigong Master of the Year by the World Congress for Qigong and TCM, Mingtong Gu leads retreats and workshops internationally with tens of thousands of people.  Master Gu is the author of key books and the Pure Qi Online series that translate the ancient teachings of Wisdom Healing Qigong for contemporary times. Learn more about Master Mingotng and the “Chi Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong” at

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Miranda Macpherson

Your Divine Invitation

How can we harness these times of change and uncertainty in a way that comes from spiritual maturity and inner peace rather than fear and reactivity? Regarding everything we face both personally and collectively as a Divine Invitation helps us greet life with Grace - taking the attitude of the "happy learner". Miranda will share what most helps us relax out of contracted ways of being, and open into greater love and wisdom, becoming the graceful human beings our world needs now.

Miranda Macpherson is a spiritual teacher and author who shares a feminine approach to spiritual realization dedicated to helping others become more graceful human beings.  Founder of OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation in London, author of "The Way of Grace: the transforming power of Ego Relaxation", and also "Boundless love", today Miranda leads the "Living Grace" sangha, and teaches internationally.

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Myriam Llano

Transforming Your Hungers into the Sweetness of Live

Myriam Llano is an expert on the relationship between women and food.  A globally recognized nutritionist and coach, she shows women that it is possible to heal emotional eating and become truly nourished.


Myriam is the creator of Divine Renewal™—a revolutionary program that bridges the gaps among emotional eating, nutrition, and spirituality—and recently launched Divine Renewal™ Español.  Women in this program are supported in creating an intimate connection with food and their body.  Myriam emphasizes “spiritual nutrition,” suggesting that we are nourished by many things besides food.  Her clients and students heal through recognizing what they are truly hungry for and learning to feed not just their bodies but their spirits. 


After many decades of being on a personal quest to end the conflicts in her relationship with food, Myriam realized that the journey starts with honoring our divine essence as well as our humanness.  She envisions a world where women move past shame and old wounds, get their needs met, and make peace with themselves, their bodies, and their sources of nourishment. Myriam is passionate about supporting and growing a worldwide community of women who honor themselves and connect to their intrinsic wholeness.

You can find Myriam Llano here:

Nahuán Inti Waka

Spiritual Flowering

The time to Bloom is now, it is time to get out of the mind, to remember who we are, to realize that we forget the Divinity that we are, get out of the darkness, of suffering, we can only achieve it by remembering what we are, Beings Spirituals doing a Human experience, living in the Here and Now, going to the transcendental space of Being

Lecturer, self-taught, since 1973 he ventured into spirituality, entering an esoteric school, where he investigated the origin of the Being, developed Mediumship as a Healer, followed the teachings of a Sufi teacher for 18 years, practiced Bhakti Yoga (yoga of devotion), ventured into Solar Shamanism, is a facilitator in different meditation techniques, and in 1998 he founded INTI WAKA (sacred place of the Sun) teaching center for the development of consciousness and Healing, where experience and trajectory are applied After so many years of tireless dedication to the common good, the BODY-MIND HEALERS School of Medicine has already formed several promotions and we continue with great enthusiasm on the path of the Awakening of Consciousness.

You can find Nahuán Inti Waka here:


Pauccar Calcina

Mother Earth and Divine Energy

Nicolás Pauccar Calcina is the first Q'ero to methodize the teaching of the Andean Cosmovision by structuring it in: codes, against Andean codes and sub codes, use of Andean missa, chumpis; techniques: piggy bank mukuy, saminchacuy, kanchary, saywanchacuy, taripay, tupay; metaphysical constructions using ancestral dispatch and more than 100 systematized rituals for the better understanding of the operational logic that leads to ceasing to be a biological machine, and evolving into a human being with the ability to choose; being the creator of SICO (Integrated System of Operational Consciousness.  Today KawsayPacha is a magical-ancestral initiation teaching school that allows practitioners to understand the environment where they live and manage their own reality in a manifest and palpable way. 


He has also developed as a writer giving rise to two books written to date: "So speaks a Q'ero" and "The Last Mountain".

You can find Nicolás Pauccar here:

Papá Jaime Jaramillo

Learn to Manage the Subconscious Mind

and be Happy

Whenever you are suffering it is because you are in your subconscious mind; but when you awaken from your unconsciousness through focus, you move out of the subconscious program into the conscious program where you have the ability to create the moment you want for your life. That is why meditation, contemplation, self-observation are so important; Because when you observe with your 5 senses what is happening in your present, no matter where you are, and feel, feel, smell and observe every detail, you leave the subconscious and enter the conscious. This is what is called the divine presence, the present consciousness. Because in that instant of face-to-face awareness a world of infinite possibilities opens up for you, where you see things with another lens, with another color, with the light of love, with the eyes of God.

You can find Papá Jaime Jaramillo here:

Jaime Jaramillo "Papá Jaime" has been recognized as a social leader and spiritual master. He is currently a world ambassador for peace,
thanks to the work he has done for more than 40 years rescuing
children of the streets and sewers and helping thousands of beings
humans to rediscover their lives, so that they find peace, love
and happiness in their hearts. He is one of the Colombian speakers
with greater international demand and has written books on
personal transformation and meditation. His best-seller “I love you… but
I am happy without you ”, has been translated into many languages. His universal message transforms millions of people.

Rosario Urrutia

Dowsing as an Element of Survival

In this presentation I will be sharing many cases that my students and my patients have experienced related to the use of Dowsing. I will explain and demonstrate how a person who is, for example, lost in the jungle or in a situation of helplessness, can with Dowsing, even if he does not have a pendulum or any tool, learn to detect what he can eat from what nature presents him and what he cannot . Where can you sleep safely and where not, what water you can drink and what not, what organ is hurting you and what to do about it. For any person, it is very important to know how to level our energy in times of emergency and in daily life and to know that if we have given our body the right food and quality of life, we will have a better chance of getting ahead of a crisis.

Rosario has been dedicated to Alternative Medicine for 30 years but with specialization in searching with Dowsing for the causes that generate what we call "disease". She directs an Alternative Medicine clinic in Guatemala where 30 different therapies are managed that are always chosen through Dowsing, that is, with the energy of the patient.
She teaches courses and workshops in English and Spanish for other countries in person and through digital means. She is convinced that all people should learn to feel energy and know how to interpret it because it is a vital survival tool.

You can find Rosario Urrutia here:

Samuel Olmedillas

How and Why to Transcend?

I will take you through a simple and very direct speech to the place where everything is born and everything transcends. How to transcend and why do it? We will make a leap from human understanding to the most desired virtuosity.


Samuel Olmedillas Mora Mental reprogrammer specialized in regressive and progressive hypnotherapy, specific NLP and different therapies associated with integral health.

You can find Samuel Olmedillas here:

Sister Dr. Jenna

The Work of the Light


Sister Dr. Jenna is an acclaimed spiritual mentor committed to bridging divides in societies and building relationships between global influencers.  She has impacted lives around the globe, inspiring change and finding solutions to current day crises as the founder and director of two Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museums, located in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area.  Sister Dr. Jenna is also the host of the popular America Meditating Radio Show.  Sister Dr. Jenna served as a principal partner with the Oprah Winfrey Network and Values Partnerships on the Belief Team, a community of individuals from diverse spiritual, cultural and faith background.

You can find

Sister Dr. Jenna here:

Steven Halpern

Sound Brainwave Entrainment and

"Scalus Interruptus"

 The first half explains brainwave entrainment, why most music is anti-mindful, and how the right music can help you meditate deeper, support your immune system, and nurture body, mind and spirit. The second half demonstrates the “Scalus Interruptus” effect, and includes a performance on the Rhodes electric piano guaranteed to transport you into a state of mindfulness and inner peace.

You can find

Steven Halpern here:

Steven Halpern is a Grammy® nominated recording artist, researcher, author and pioneering sound healer. His DEEP ALPHA: Brainwave Entrainment Music hit 50 weeks on Billboard Top Ten New Age charts. His music radiates healing energy, and is used worldwide in light centers, massage schools, destination spas and corporate wellness programs.

Stewart Pearce

The Angels of Atlantis

The Angels of Atlantis appeared to Stewart Pearce on Glastonbury Tor as Orbs of great light in August 1987 during the Harmonic Convergence.  This is a communion of Twelve Angels that are often known as the Malachim and have appeared to human beings throughout the sands of time, particularly during periods of sweeping social renaissance.  They come to assist we humans in living the interface between soul and matter.  They come at the Cosmic Cycle marker of the Aquarian Age, helping us to release old paradigms of negativity and ways being that prevent flow, so that we may truly remember our souls and allow spirit to permeate through all areas of our consciousness, including the establishments that hold together the fabric of our societies.  As their emissary - Stewart uses Sound & Light Transmissions, Prophetic Teachings and Supernatural Healing to convey the vast love and joy that the Angels wish to dispense to we humans!   Namaste

Stewart Pearce - Master of Voice, Radiance Mentor & Angelic Emissary – Stewart was Head of Voice at the Webber Douglas Academy London from 1980-1997, helped pioneer Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre between 1997-2010, and has coached luminaries such as Actors: Eddie Redmayne, Matthew Goode, Hugh Bonneville, Sir Mark Rylance, Vanessa Redgrave, Michelle Williams. Statespeople: Margaret Thatcher, Mo Mowlem, Anita Roddick, Benazir Bhutto, Diana Princess of Wales, Marianne Williamson.  Stewart has also published a series of richly empowered books, and his new work DIANA THE VOICE OF CHANGE became an international best-seller on publication in January 2020.

You can find

Stewart Pearce here:

Susan Shumsky

Planetary Illumination Guided Meditation

The human bio-flied is comprised of universal and cosmic energies fundamental to all of life on earth.  We have the power to master its distribution, qualification, and flow.  When we do, we not only heal – we collapse time required for our own evolution; we transform our lives and the lives of those around us as a simple by-product of becoming again who we truly are.  Principles based in Quantum Science and the New Biology made simple, and user friendly practices to ignite the Higher Self and live the life you love.

Dr. Susan Shumsky is dedicated to helping people take command of their lives in highly effective, powerful, positive ways.  A best-selling author of 20 books in English and 36 in foreign editions, she has won 40 prestigious book awards.  A pioneer in the human potential field, she has taught meditation, prayer, affirmation, and intuition to thousands worldwide for 50 years.  Her websites are and

You can find

Susan Shumsky here:

Suzanne Powell

Soul Connection

Achieving the connection with the soul has an important impact beyond this life. With the right tools, our day to day is the perfect learning to rediscover who we really are; for this, we must connect with our being, with our own soul. Life is a succession of very valuable moments and we can take advantage of everything that happens to us to take another step on our evolutionary path.

Suzanne Powell was born and raised in Northern Ireland.  After graduating from the University of Belfast, she left her homeland to "earn a new life."  With an unfavorable medical prognosis, she decided to follow her heart with the absolute certainty that a miracle awaited her to share with the whole world.  She has lived in Spain for 30 years, currently in Madrid.  She dedicates her life to teaching Zen courses, free of charge, all over the world.  As a writer, she has published 9 highly successful titles.  In addition, she is an international speaker, an expert in conscious eating, healthy habits and on issues related to spiritual growth. Her 57 years, intense with experiences, can serve as hope for many people who right now need a spark of hope and optimism. Her message is concise and clear: "If I can, you can: just do it!"

You can find Suzanne Powell here:

Tiffany Janay

Motivational Speaker and Sacred Sexuality Educator

Tiffany Janay is a sought after Motivational Speaker, Sacred Sexuality Educator, Women’s Empowerment Guide, & the owner of  She has made a career of connecting on a personal level with women, assisting them in getting past their fears, hurt and anxiety as it pertains to their sexuality through her work as a Womb Wellness Advocate.  Tiffany’s journey as an entrepreneur has been a remarkable one.  Through her hard work, she has transitioned from homelessness to pioneering the yoni egg movement through her world renowned brand,  Tiffany's yoni eggs are internationally distributed and have been featured by media outlets such as: Ebony, Essence, xoNecole, Nylon and The Dr’s TV show.  Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, Tiffany's professional work has been centered on producing quality holistic products that encourage strength, intimacy, spiritual healing and growth. Through her spiritual work Tiffany has become a trusted source for women across the globe who desire to strengthen their physical and spiritual wellness. Connect with Tiffany via social media at: Instagram: & @LoveQuartzYoniEggs

You can find Tiffany Janay here:


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